About Me

I’ve worked in children and young people’s services for over 40 years. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a fair chance in life, and I am dedicated to doing what I can to make that happen.

Over the last ten years or so I’ve transformed by own life through a new-found passion for running. This has given me a new burst of energy, and renewed enthusiasm for making change happen.

I live near Bath in Somerset, with my husband Andy.

If you’d like to find out more about me, then please do send me an email.


I’m a social scientist with a post-graduate diploma in coaching and mentoring. I have studied and learned a great deal about change, leadership and management during my forty year plus career, which has been spent working in and around services for children and young people.

I’ve lectured on a degree course, worked in the voluntary sector, been a manager within three different local authority departments, including managing youth services and being head of Strategic Commissioning. I’ve worked with the joint Social Services Inspectorate and Audit Commission team which undertook join reviews of local authority social care services. I’ve been chair of an adults safeguarding board, and of a children’s safeguarding board.

In September 2001 I left full time employment to establish my own training and consultancy business. Since then I have worked in over 40 local authorities across England and Wales, and for government departments and national agencies on short-term consultancy projects, or longer term interim management assignments. A number of these authorities had been subject to central Government intervention, or had been experiencing particularly challenging problems, and I was able to assist with developing recovery plans and making positive changes. I am an associate with Research in Practice.

Please email me if you would like more information, or a copy of my CV.


I kept having a dream about running, and every time I did I woke up happy only to realise that it wasn’t real. I tried to run, but at nearly 16 stone (101 kg) my legs had difficult taking the weight, and I was struggling to get up my beloved Lake District hills. My asthma was getting worst but I still kept dreaming about running. That was in 2013.

I now weigh around 10.5 stone (67kg), and I’ve just run my 18th half marathon. I no longer dream about running but instead live that dream 3 or 4 times a week. I am the fittest I’ve been since school. I went back to university after 36 years, and achieved a diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. I’m happier, healthier and more purposeful than ever before.

Some things haven’t changed. I still love walking, particularly in the Lake District and on the Devon and Cornwall coasts, although I sometimes run them now! I still love books, stationary and all types of bags, and love art, particularly Rothko, Klee, Miro and all of the impressionists. I’m a sociologist at heart but slowly more psychology is coming into the mix. I remain committed to fairness and equality at all levels, and still believe, as I always have, that the personal is political.

I have some new interests too. I’m fascinated by what’s going on the coaching and blogging – by women for women – world. I love journaling and self-development, and obviously with running regularly comes an enthusiasm for fabulous running kit too! My love of coffee is even stronger, as is my love for Andy, my life partner, and I adore pink, low-calorie, fizzy drinks.


I like doing strength and personality tests, and some of the feedback is below. They seem to fit me well!


I’m an Enneagram 6: the Loyal Sceptic, with the key characteristics of devotion, courage, preparedness, trustworthiness and team-orientation.


I’m an INTJ: introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging.


My top 5 are: deliberative, strategic, maximizer, achiever, and responsibility.


My top 5 are: judgement, love of learning, perspective, humility, and honesty.


I like Danielle LaPorte’s approach to goal setting and my core desired feelings are : Being organized, having a sense of space, and feeling energised.