Work with Me

Children’s and young people’s services are full of people who are committed and passionate about what they do. The work is hard, with lots of public scrutiny and pressure from limited resources. Working with risk is a tough challenge. Managers need to be supported, encouraged to develop emotional resilience, and to build on their strengths. Making a difference is dependent on having enough trained and skilled staff. Services need to be high quality with systems in place to assess impact. I improve services, and develop and motivate leaders to help achieve this.


I work alongside staff, building capacity and helping to embed and sustain change.

I make things happen by taking an agile, project management approach, encouraging change through small, manageable steps.

I am evidence-based and keep up-to-date with the latest research, trends and good practice.

I role model a relationship and strength-based approach through my coaching skills.

My approach encourages and supports managers to be:

Critical thinkers


I coordinate and manage strategic commissioning and service improvement projects. These include projects with significant savings targets and where there is a pressure to improve the quality of services at a pace.


  • Developing a whole system target operating model for re-designing Children’s Social Care. This was evidence based, and informed by research and good practice examples. The business case identified potential savings of £5 million.
  • Creating and implementing an Achieving Excellence improvement framework for early help and social care. The framework included defining good standards, using a variety of methods to self-assess against these standards and identifying areas and plans for improvement.
  • I am currently coordinating the implementation of a whole system Helping Earlier project. The business case for the project outlines how £3.5 million savings will be made. The project comprises 7 inter-linked workstreams covering practice, creating news services, and improving governance arrangements.


I was chair of the Bexley Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) from June 2015 to October 2018. In 2016/7 the BSCB received innovation funding from the Department of Education for a “Back to Practice” innovation. The 2018 Ofsted inspection report on Bexley was very positive about the strength of multi-agency working and the role of the BSCB. Bexley was judged to be an outstanding authority.

“…..leaders and managers have successfully created a whole-system partnership that is highly effective and wholeheartedly committed to building effective safety networks around children and families.”  Ofsted 2018

“There is excellent multi-agency working in relation to children who go missing, those at risk of child sexual exploitation and other contextual safeguarding concerns.”  Ofsted 2018

“The quality of practice is tested through the innovative ‘back to practice’ approach and multi-agency learning hub, which identifies practice issues quickly and carefully considers ways to improve outcomes. The learning hub offers high support and high challenge, with the focus on what works well. This is a dynamic, responsive and proactive system that is making a real difference to the quality and effectiveness of multi-agency work.”  Ofsted 2018



I offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions for leaders and managers. I also facilitate training courses and events.

I work alongside leaders, role modelling leadership behaviours and skills, and mentoring through sharing ideas and methods. I specialise in developing positive leaders who capitalise on their own and other’s strengths, who are emotionally intelligent, and who are able to build good relationships.


Developing a one-day coaching skills for managers and leaders course for Research in Practice. The course introduces coaching models and skills and how to use these in the workplace. Due to very positive feedback a two-day course is being developed. This will include skills for having difficult conversations and how to support staff  through change.